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20+ Cabbage Recipes to Eat Every Night of the Week

Cabbage Recipes

Cabbage recipes are not only very flavorful but low-calorie as well. The ones listed below will make your weeknight dinners not only diverse but also bursting with the wholesome goodness of this versatile vegetable.

1. Pineapple Coleslaw

This sweet coleslaw compliments spicy and BBQ dishes very well. Refreshing and light, it’s easy to make!

2. Corned Beef & Cabbage

Traditionally served on St. Patrick’s Day, this classic meal is good all year long! Just do the prepping and let your slow cooker do all the work for a savory, filling dinner.

3. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Comfort food at its finest, you’ll love these stuffed cabbage rolls from Dinner at the Zoo. Coated in tomato sauce, these beef and rice stuffed cabbage rolls are baked to bubbly perfection for a down-home meal.

4. Grilled Cabbage

Grilled cabbage is the side dish you didn’t know you needed until now. Cabbage is grilled until it’s tender and slightly charred and caramelized on its edges, perfection!

5. Haluski (Fried Cabbage & Noodles)

This rustic dish comes from Eastern Europe. Fried cabbage and thick noodles are a comforting and filling combo for a satisfying meal!

6. Sauteed Cabbage

Who knew that something so simple could be so good? Sauteed cabbage goes with anything and is the perfect side dish when you need something different to serve than your regular sides!

7. Traditional German Red Cabbage

Sweet and sour come together in this traditional side dish from Germany. When you’re looking for a unique option to complement a meat dish, this is it!

8. Memphis-Style Coleslaw

Every home chef should have a standby coleslaw recipe to serve when needed and this is the one! Sweet and tangy, it’s the perfect choice for BBQ and other cuisines.

9. Roasted Cabbage Wedges With Onion-Dijon Sauce

Roasted cabbage is delicious by itself, but when you need something extra, this recipe doesn’t disappoint. The onion-dijon sauce sets it apart!

10. Baja Fish Tacos with Curtido

Why should you make fish tacos? So you can serve it with Curtido, a tasty, spicy pickled slaw that makes your taste buds sing!

11. Egg Roll Noodles

Craving egg rolls, but takeout isn’t an option? These Egg Roll Noodles from Chelsea’s Messy Apron are the answer to a delicious meal in just minutes!

12. Yummy Salmon Burgers With Slaw

The slaw with these salmon burgers is so delicious, you might just want to make the slaw! This is another recipe version to memorize!

13. Sweet & Sour German Red Cabbage

Another nod to German cuisine, this sweet and tangy red cabbage dish is versatile and easy to make. Serve alongside any traditional meats like sausage, chicken, or roast beef!

14. Keto Cabbage Soup

This Keto-friendly soup isn’t just for dieting. Hearty and savory, it’s a favorite among families for a simple and nutritious meal!

Cabbage may be a lowly garden vegetable, but give it a chance and it might just become a mealtime favorite. May this collection inspire you to include this nutritious and tasty vegetable head in your menu planning for years to come!