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25 Best Slow Cooker Ground Beef Recipes


Transforming humble ground beef into culinary magic, the best slow cooker ground beef recipes deliver amazing flavor with minimal effort, making dinners a breeze.

Best Slow Cooker Ground Beef Recipes

From hearty slow cooker cowboy beans to stuffed cabbage rolls, these recipes prove that slow and steady wins the race to a satisfying meal.

1. Stuffed Pepper Casserole

This basic stuffed pepper recipe is like making a casserole inside your favorite cooking appliance. With simple ingredients such as peppers, rice, beef, and tomato, putting together this delicious and nutritious meal is easy.

2. Beef Queso Dip

Everyone’s cheesy party favorite features a beef, cheese, and jalapeno mix that is spicy and delicious. Throw a few ingredients together such as chilies, onions, garlic, cheese, and beef to achieve a dip that makes hosting effortless.

3. Tater Tot Casserole

Take your favorite breakfast staple and throw it in the crockpot for an easy casserole you’ll love serving. You only need a bag of frozen tots accompanied by your kitchen favorites such as garlic, onion, and cream of mushroom soup to get started.

4. Favorite Hamburger Stew

This fan favorite is perfect if you’re in the mood for something hearty. Gather a few basic ingredients such as tomato, onion, carrots, and potatoes with ground beef and throw them in the crockpot for an American-inspired stew.

5. Sticky BBQ Meatballs

This take on meatballs requires next to no prep and will get you the perfect BBQ flavor you’ve been craving. The sticky glaze compliments these meatballs exquisitely. Use the meatball recipe or even use frozen ones in a pinch!

6. Taco Meat

No time to prepare tacos for dinner after a long day at the office? You can come home to perfectly made taco meat in your slow cooker with this effortless recipe. Only three ingredients are necessary- ground beef, taco mix, and salsa!

7. Keto Taco Casserole

This veggie-heavy casserole includes your favorite taco meat and seasoning in a crock pot version you’ll love coming home to. Throw in all your taco staples such as cheese, tomatoes, onions, and peppers and in a couple of hours you have a keto-friendly casserole!

8. Goulash

Old-fashioned goulash is a fan favorite and is well-known universally for its hearty taste and simplicity. Featuring onions, ground beef, pasta, and tomatoes, this recipe can be thrown together and left in the crockpot to create the perfect goulash.

9. Weight Watchers Chili

Watching your weight and looking for a warm and delicious meal during the cold winter months? This chili recipe is heavy on beans of different varieties, tomatoes, and onions. Add a few delicious seasonings and enjoy this zero-points dish.

10. Sloppy Joes

This American favorite is known for its simplicity. Who doesn’t love the idea of ground beef on a bun? Prepare this fun meal in the crockpot with just a few kitchen staples-Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and mustard all come together to create the perfect sloppy joe sauce.

11. Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

It’s all in the title. This delicious dip is perfect for parties and features the delicious flavor of a bacon cheeseburger. Ideal for dipping chips, bread, and more. You only need ground beef, cheese, bacon bits, and tomato for this divine concoction.

12. Cowboy Beans

Prepare these beans effortlessly as they cook to perfection in the slow cooker. Featuring a variety of beans and ground beef, this dish cooks in a homemade sauce that really makes this dish stand out. Brown sugar, ketchup, and barbecue sauce are key ingredients for achieving cowboy status!

13. Bolognese

This warm and cozy pasta dish features a hearty, familiar taste you will love serving every time. This flavorful crock pot recipe features ingredients such as whole milk, red wine, onion, garlic, and more. This ground beef dish is served over your pasta of choice!

14. Tailgate Chili

Another one of America’s favorites, you will love making this classic. Featuring both ground beef and pork, this hearty and divine chili recipe is certainly a standout one. Cilantro and chocolate powder are two unlikely ingredients that add flavor to this masterpiece!

15. Taco Soup

This recipe takes a Mexican favorite and turns it into a soup! Featuring all your favorite taco ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, ground beef, and seasoning, you can’t go wrong with this warm and cozy, familiar soup.

16. Spicy Cabbage Soup

You’ll love this simple recipe that calls for kitchen staples such as garlic, onion, crushed tomatoes, and ground beef. With the addition of cabbage and cayenne pepper with beef bullion, you are certain to achieve a delicious soup with a little kick!

17. Taco Pasta

Like other taco recipes for the crockpot, you can expect to find all your basic taco fixings. Tomatoes, cheese, taco seasoning, and ground beef all come together with the addition of your favorite pasta to create a casserole-like dish you will love indulging in.

18. Grape Jelly Meatballs

While the title may be unexpected, what you might not expect is that these meatballs are to die for! All you need is frozen meatballs, grape jelly, BBQ sauce, and chili garlic sauce. All these incredible flavors come together to create a sweet and savory meatball!

19. Stuffed Peppers

Gather your bell peppers and stuff them with the fixings. Rice, ground beef, onion, and garlic are the go-to’s, but feel free to personalize. Layer the bottom of your crock pot with marinara and cook those peppers over it effortlessly.

20. Beef & Potato Au Gratin

Potatoes Au Gratin is a classic dish that features thinly sliced potatoes with ground beef and seasoning atop. The potatoes are soft and flavorful and they rest in delicious beef broth and layers of cheese. With only a few kitchen staples you can achieve a delicious and hearty meal in no time.

While ground beef recipes are certainly plentiful, this collection features ones specifically for the crockpot. From meatballs to dips, the slow cooker makes prep easy and allows you to come back to it hours later. With all of these choices, you’re certain to find a hearty ground beef dish for your crockpot to master!