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21 Savory Crêpes You Can Eat for Dinner


Savory Crêpes

Not all Crêpes are created equal, some are sweet, and some can be savory masterpieces. These recipes redefine the boundaries of crêpe enjoyment, making them a satisfying evening affair!




4. Homemade Spinach Manicotti

Ready to eat in less than an hour, these spinach manicotti are fresh, savory, and oh-so-good that they’ll become a staple in your weekly dinner rotation. Each roll is filled with spinach, parmesan, ricotta, and mozzarella for a delightful bite.


6. Crepe Cannelloni with Meat Sauce

Cannelloni is an iconic Italian dish, but believe it or not, the crepe version of this famous recipe is even better! Crepes are filled with a mozzarella-parmesan cheese blend, basil, and zesty meat sauce before being baked in the oven.

7. Chicken and Mushroom Crepe Recipe

Inspired by French cuisine, you’ll be blown away by just how easy it is to make this savory chicken and mushroom crepe recipe for dinner or even a delightful snack. Creamy bechamel sauce compliments the chicken, leeks, and mushroom filling.

8. Savory Crepes with Turkey, Mushroom and Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese, turkey, and mushrooms are an iconic grouping, and nothing showcases just how well these flavors complement one another than inside these tasty crepes. If you want, you can swap out the Swiss cheese for, Gruyère. It works well.

9. Chickpea Crepes

Using only three ingredients, these crepes are made out of chickpea flour instead of traditional white flour, so they’re a much healthier alternative for those who are adhering to a gluten-free diet. Just toss flour and water in the blender!

10. Vietnamese Crepe

Thin and bursting with Vietnamese herbs and spices, these crepes are the ultimate definition of a delightful savory dinner, especially when combined with lime dipping sauce. Fill your crepes with onions and shrimp or pork for a robust flavorful bite.


12. Crab-Stuffed Crepes

These crepes stuffed with fresh crabmeat and a sweet lemon cheese sauce make for the perfect savory after-dinner snack that’s easy to make and great to eat. Don’t forget to add garlic and onion for an extra kick of flavor.



15. Crepes St. Jacques Recipe

Crepes St. Jacques have been a beloved recipe since the 1970s and for good reason: these savory, seafood-filled crepes make for a quick and decadent dinner. This calls for scallops, Bechamel sauce, and cheese, but you can use any seafood.

Ready to make crepes? Get started with these savory and undeniably flavorful recipes that make the best use out of seafood, fresh fruit, and your favorite seasonings.