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22+ Sourdough Discard And Starter Recipes That Are Truly Delicious


Turn your sourdough discard into amazing meals with these Sourdough Discard Recipes, where waste turns into taste.

Sourdough Discard And Starter Recipes That Are Truly Delicious

From fluffy pancakes to flavorful crackers, these recipes showcase the versatility of sourdough discard, ensuring that every bit of your starter contributes to mouthwatering creations.

1. Sourdough Biscuits

Make these light, fluffy, and flakey sourdough biscuits for next-level goodness. The sourdough discard adds just the right amount of tanginess. Make sure to serve them warm with butter!

2. Sourdough Bread

Try this speedy sourdough bread for soft, tangy, and perfectly thick slices—ideal for soups and sandwiches. Making homemade bread has never been easier!

3. Sourdough Pancakes

Craving the comfort of pancakes? These sourdough pancakes will not disappoint. This recipe yields thick, fluffy, and restaurant-style pancakes, with no sour aftertaste! Perfect for your weekend brunch!

4. Sourdough Bagels Recipe

Prepare this straightforward bagel recipe with patience. Although it’s a bit time-consuming, the satisfying results will be worth it. Endless options for toppings make these a truly versatile recipe.

5. Sourdough Donuts Recipe

Experience the magic of fresh donuts! Your sourdough discard will truly shine in these delicious glazed treats. A must-try when you’re craving something sweet!

6. Sourdough Banana Nut Muffins

These perfectly light muffins are full of nuts and ripe bananas. They are exceptionally tender and moist, with a subtle tanginess from the sourdough discard. Prepare them in advance for a convenient go-to snack.

7. Bread Machine Sourdough

Discover the delight of bread machine sourdough—light, airy, and delicious, boasting a perfectly crisp crust. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make at home!

8. Chocolate Chip Sourdough Scones

Create these scones for a unique blend of both cookies and cake! With this recipe, you’ll likely find most of the ingredients already in your pantry, making it easy to whip up.

9. Sourdough Crackers with Olive Oil Herbs

Savor the crispiness of these sourdough starter crackers with herbs de Provence and sea salt. Perfect for solo snacking or paired with soft cheese and homemade jam.

10. Sourdough Pasta

A guilt-free pasta with only 3 ingredients that is worth the effort. The addition of sourdough starter brings a distinctive tangy flavor that sets it apart from store-bought alternatives.

11. Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Who can resist freshly baked cinnamon rolls? They’re gooey, soft, cinnamony, and with the fermented sourdough starter, they boast an extra depth of flavor. Get ready for the ultimate breakfast treat!

12. Sourdough Hamburger Buns

Impress at your next BBQ with these quick hamburger buns. In 2.5 hours you will have buttery, soft sourdough buns to elevate those grilled hamburgers! Don’t forget to add sesame seeds!

13. Sourdough Naan

Naan, an Indian staple, is an adaptable flatbread that complements a wide range of dishes. Try creating this homemade, foolproof version with garlic and butter!

14. Sourdough Lemon Muffins

The tanginess of sourdough and tartness of lemons work perfectly in this recipe! These addictive muffins are soft, fluffy, and scrumptious. Use the freshest lemons for optimal flavor!

Make sure not to overlook your sourdough discard; instead, explore a variety of wonderful recipes. Creating homemade dishes, from bread and cinnamon rolls to muffins, pasta, and buns, is easier than you might think. The results are sure to amaze, proving that homemade is always better.