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25 Sous Vide Recipes for Perfectly Cooked Meals

Is your family begging you for new dinner dishes? Perhaps you’ve heard of sous vide. This technique makes cooking easy and meats come out super tender and juicy.

Sous Vide Recipes

Take a look at our 15 sous vide recipes to accentuate your cooking skills.

1. Sous Vide Chicken Breast

Does your chicken always turn out dry? Then, this fail-proof recipe is precisely what you need to remediate this. Your kids will be convinced it’s store-bought.

Tender, juicy chicken is guaranteed every time!

Seasoning is a big part of this recipe, and our top recommendation is salt and pepper, a couple of sprigs of fresh herbs, and a few lemon slices.

2. Sous Vide Bacon

This recipe may not be the quickest on the list, but it’s just as good as the rest and your bacon will be perfectly crispy without drying out.

Hands down, this is the best bacon to grace the earth, and we’re certain you’ll agree! What’s better is that you can freeze your sous vide bacon to enjoy at a later date.

3. Sous Vide Steak

Does cooking a steak make you nervous? Cooking it to the exact level of doneness can be quite difficult. Take the worry away using the sous vide method! You will have a perfectly cooked, juicy steak every single time, no need to worry about it!

4. Perfectly Tender Sous Vide Scallops

Scallops make for great appetizers, and in this recipe, they can be cooked, whether fresh or frozen.

It’s easy to overcook scallops, and that’s what’s so great about doing it the Sous Vide way; you’ll never get your timings wrong, and they always taste incredible.

The lemon butter sauce helps bring out the flavor, and all you need is olive oil, salt and pepper, butter, garlic, and lemon juice to complete the dish.

5. Sous Vide Guinness Beef Stew

Guinness beer makes this beef stew stand out from any other. Its robust and deep flavor permeates the stew making it extremely flavorful and tender.  Throw in your favorite veggies, add flour to thicken the broth and you’ve got a perfectly hearty and restaurant-quality meal.

6. Sous Vide Carrots

Worried that cooking your veggies in a pot of boiling water will make them less nutritious? Sous vide them! This way, they cook in their juices until perfectly done. Not mushy, not undercooked. Perfectly cooked.

7. Sous Vide Asparagus

For bright green, perfectly cooked asparagus, say goodbye to boiling or pan-frying them. Sous vide gives you perfectly cooked, tender asparagus that still have a slight bite to them. You might need to make an extra large batch though, they will fly off the table!

8. 24-Hour Sous Vide Ribs

Big meat eater? Then you’ll love these sous vide ribs. They are up on top as one of our favorite recipes of all time! The delicious flavor is created by rubbing them with a smoky dry rub and basting them in BBQ sauce.

Ribs are often a treat, and these fall straight off the bone.

9. Sous Vide Brisket

Here’s another meaty dish for our meat eaters, and this one you don’t need to worry about when it comes to using the sous vide technique; all you need to do is season with salt and pepper, seal it, and bathe it until ready.

You don’t have to stick to the recipe; you can add your twist by choosing different seasonings like cumin, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, and mustard powder.

10. Jordi Roca’s Banana Flambé

Now, this recipe is certainly one you don’t want to miss out on; it was shared by three-star Michelin chef Jordi Roca and is to die for!

The star of this recipe is the rum caramel, made using sugar, dark rum, lemon, and orange zest.

11. Garlic Herb Butter Sous Vide Steak

Who doesn’t love steak? It’s the perfect date night recipe, and this one is finished with the most incredible garlic herb butter.

Season your steak with salt, pepper, and a pinch of garlic powder to bring out the flavor of the meat.

12. Sous Vide Filet Mignon

We can’t help ourselves with the steak recipes, they are just so good and easy to make. They are foolproof.

This recipe also provides a timing chart so that you can cook your steak to exactly the right temperature, whether you enjoy eating it rare, medium, or well done.

13. Garlic Herb Sous Vide Potatoes

Perfectly cooked potatoes that have absorbed the flavor of garlic, herbs, and olive oil are what you get when using the sous vide method of cooking. No more mushy or tough potatoes, with this cooking method you obtain perfect consistency and the flavor is otherwordly!

14. Sous Vide Crème Brûlée

We can’t have a list of recipes without including at least one dessert and in our opinion this is undoubtedly the perfect choice. Nothing is more yummy than a Crème Brûlée, especially one made using the sous vide technique.

All you need for this recipe is vanilla extract, egg yolks, sugar, salt, bourbon (optional), whipping cream, and sugar to caramelize. The benefit of using sous vide means no overcooking or curdling, just the perfect creamy consistency.