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Famous Texas Desserts That Are Big on Flavor


Famous Texas Desserts That Are Big on Flavor

Texas has some of the best desserts nationwide. Try these Famous Texas Dessert recipes, and find out why these bold and delicious Texan sweets are such a sensation.

1. The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever

Chocolate heaven in a tray. Check! This recipe is a must-try for chocolate lovers. Unlike your traditional cake, this sheet cake is far thinner, making it quicker to cook but just as delicious, if not more.

2. Funnel Cake

Enjoy eating desserts at the fair but it’s not on for another year? Have your favorite carnival snacks from the comfort of your home with this easy-to-make funnel cake recipe. You needn’t be a pro, as this recipe is beginner-friendly.

3. Texas Pecan Pie

Fancy a dessert with rich, indulgent flavors? This Texas pecan pie will check all your boxes. Bring the taste of Texas home and satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious but simple-to-make recipe.

4. Cowboy Cookies

Everybody loves a good cookie, and we know your kids will be grateful for this one. This recipe guarantees moist, chewy cookies packed with gooey chocolate chips, perfect for snack time.

5. Orange Creamsicle Cake

This is one to have on your recipe shelf, ready for the spring and summer months. They are packed with vanilla and orange flavors in the base, with a mouth-watering orange and vanilla frosting. Serve at family BBQs and parties to be a hit with the guests.

6. Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chocolate chip cookies aren’t for the faint-hearted. They’re Texas size, meaning triple the size of your standard cookie. They’re oozing with chocolate goo and soft to bite into.

7. Chocolate Delight

Chocolate delight is, as the name says, delightful. This layered dessert is built on top of a pecan shortbread crust and topped with chocolate pudding, cream cheese, and whipped cream.

8. The Best Cinnamon Rolls You’ll Ever Eat

This is hands down our favorite recipe on the list because who doesn’t love a fluffy, soft cinnamon roll drizzled in a vanilla cream cheese glaze? The inside is filled with cinnamon brown sugar and is just scrumptious.

9. Red Velvet Cake

Not many people are aware that red velvet cake can be a pretty complex recipe, along with its texture and red velvet flavor being made solely from buttermilk and vinegar. It sounds gross, but it tastes great!

10. Easy Homemade Churros

Does the word churros get your mouth watering? Because it certainly does with us. The Spanish churro is a godsend to this world, and it’s so easy to make from home. This recipe combines the Spanish and Mexican versions, rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with a chocolate dipping sauce.

11. No-Fail Fruit Cobbler

Bad bakers, we’ve got your back with this recipe. There’s no chance you’ll be making a mistake. This cobbler can be made with any fruit, but stone fruits and berries make for the best fruit cobblers. We recommend peaches, cherries, blackberries, or blueberries.

12. Apple Hand Pies

Apple hand pies are the perfect winter sweet treat to warm your belly, made from homemade pie crust or refrigerated biscuit dough and pumped full of apple pie filling. Enjoy fried or baked.

Indulge to Your Heart’s Desire With These Famous Texas Desserts. There’s nothing better in life than treating yourself to a delicious dessert, and with these recipes, you can treat yourself all day, every day. Don’t forget to let us know your favorite in the comments below.