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23+ Easy BBQ Recipes for A Great Cookout


Easy BBQ Recipes for A Great Cookout

Turn your backyard into a flavor-packed haven with these Easy BBQ Recipes that will turn grilling into a form of art. These recipes will make your cookout not just a fun gathering, but also a feast for the tastebuds.

1. Chicken Shawarma

The best chicken shawarma is on the food carts in New York City, but these are a close second! It’s packed with spices you already have in your cupboard and grilled to perfection along with some tangy lemon and garlic.

2. Steak Kebabs

Nothing is better than steak – except maybe a steak on a stick! Packed with flavor, marinated beef is layered with veggies of your choice and cooked on a skewer for a fun meal the kids will enjoy at your next gathering.

3. Grilled Herb Marinated Veggie Skewers

Meat isn’t the only thing you can cook on the grill – veggies are also incredible! These veggies are marinated in herbs and get crisp on the grill, ready in minutes, and perfect as a side to your main meat dish.

4. BBQ Chicken Grilled Cheese

Instead of using a barbecue to bring the flavors of the meal to life, this BBQ chicken grilled cheese uses barbecue sauce to add a unique twist to a classic. Tangy protein and gooey cheese pair well with butter-coated sourdough bread – yum!

5. Tangy Carolina Barbecue Sauce

Let’s say you want to have a BBQ gathering but have no barbecue sauce – make your own with this recipe! It’s vinegar-based, which makes it a fantastic combination of sweet and tangy. Try it on a pulled pork sandwich for a dream meal!

6. Peruvian Grilled Chicken

Peruvian grilled chicken is a grilled recipe like no other. The simple marinade and aji verde add amazing flavor to the chicken, which looks as good as it tastes. Intricate, authentic Peruvian flavors will impress any eater!

7. Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

It’s no secret that food is more fun to eat on a stick and these tender teriyaki chicken skewers not only look beautiful but the tangy teriyaki flavors go fantastic on a bed of white rice. The best part? The sauce is homemade!

8. Japanese Farm Style Teriyaki Bowl

Grilled teriyaki chicken is the star of this dish, offering lovely sear and tangy soy flavor. Serve it with rice and cucumber salad for a nice crunch. Get the family together for a great dining experience!

9. Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Bowl

If you like to cook chicken in large batches on the grill at once, this recipe is perfect for you! The meat is marinated in zesty lemongrass, garlic, salty fish sauce, brown sugar, and lime juice for amazing flavor. Not to mention the Vietnamese sauce that is to die for!

10. Chipotle Chicken

Chipotle is one of the most famous restaurants on the market and for a good reason! Their chicken is one of the best. If you want to mimic this recipe, try this one on the grill. It tastes even better than Chipotle’s and will save you money.

11. Grilled Salmon Tzatziki Bowl

Finally, if you want to grill some salmon, check out this tzatziki bowl. On top of tasty greens and quinoa are the delectable fish and grilled veggies – along with the coolest, creamiest tzatziki sauce you’ve ever had!

BBQ is a flavor and a cooking method anyone will love, and it makes for a fun time cooking. Pick one of these recipes and have fun with the entire family creating a meal experience everyone, old and young, will enjoy.