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23 Easy Ways to Give New Life to Leftover Rice

These simple and inventive recipes turn yesterday’s side dish into today’s flavorful main attraction.

Ways to Give New Life to Leftover Rice

They not only save you money by decreasing food waste but will also make your meals easy and delicious. You can make anything from soups to baked casseroles and burritos.

1. Baked Chicken and Rice

This one-pan dish will become a regular part of your dinner recipe rotation. It’s so delicious and easy, that you’ll question why you haven’t tried it before.

2. Chicken and Rice Soup

Here we have a very easy, homemade chicken soup that is the perfect way to utilize leftovers. It’s a perfect dish for a cozy day or if someone’s feeling ill.

3. Cowboy Rice

Southwest flavors are the inspiration for this dish. It will make you rethink what can be done with rice! It’s cowboy-recommended for savory and satisfying sustenance!

4. Bean and Rice Burrito

Turn your leftovers into Chipotle at home with this bean and rice burrito. Don’t forget to experiment with your favorite ingredient additions!

5. Mexican Bake

If you’re craving Mexican food, but trying to use the groceries or leftovers you’ve already paid for, this chicken casserole will certainly satisfy without providing too many calories!

6. Turkey and Rice Casserole

Leftover turkey takes on new life after the holidays with this casserole recipe. You might even find yourself wanting to make it long after the festivities have passed.

7. Chicken Fried Rice

Fried rice is the perfect way to use refrigerated rice. Overnight, it becomes the perfect texture for frying. Bring hibachi home with this recipe.

8. Caribbean Confetti Rice

If you want to take your rice leftovers in an unexpected and exciting direction, check out this recipe for confetti rice! This is a tropical, Caribbean-inspired delicacy.

9. Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi has so many health benefits due to being a fermented food. As we mentioned, fried rice is perfect for leftovers. This is a vegetarian option that doesn’t shy away from flavor or nutrition.

10. Grandma’s Golumpki

Golumpki are stuffed cabbage rolls in sauce that are actually an awesome low-carb and high-protein way to use leftover ground meats and veggies. Once you nail the method, you’ll be passing this recipe onto the next generation.

11. Spam Fried Rice

Did you know that spam is a common ingredient in dishes in not only Hawaii, but also Vietnam due to American occupation?

12. Beef Stuffed Pepper Skillet

This rich and savory skillet meal will have you looking forward to leftovers. You get all the flavor of stuffed peppers in a simple skillet dish.

13. Crockpot Pepper Steak

If you want to use your leftovers and save even more time, this crockpot meal is wonderful. Steak is always a special treat and you don’t have to miss out on it because you have limited prep time.

14. Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Casserole

Casseroles are usually comforting, but this dish takes it to the next level. Broccoli, cheddar, and chicken are a classic favorite that everyone will be thrilled to indulge in.

Leftovers only need a touch of love and creativity to avoid being boring. This list is a wonderful way to start experimenting with all you can do in the kitchen with things you already have!