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22 Magically Delicious Marshmallow Recipes


The recipes below will demonstrate that marshmallows are not only mere sweets that can be used to make crispy rice treats

Magically Delicious Marshmallow Recipes

You’ll learn how to use them in salads, casseroles, as a frosting for cakes and muffins, in fudge, and even in cheesecake!

1. Ambrosia Salad

This dish is classically known as the food of the gods. Tropical fruit and sweet cream will transport you to mythical places.

2. Sweet Potato Casserole

You might be familiar with this recipe from family holiday dinners, but you can make it anytime you like! It’s perfect during the chilly seasons.

3. Candied Yams

Another holiday favorite, have you ever made them yourself? You might be surprised that you can pull it off easily with this recipe.

4. Fantasy Fudge

Fudge is a bake sale favorite. These little treats make a wonderful gift, but we wouldn’t blame you for keeping it to yourself.

5. Marshmallow Frosting

Do you like baking? You can add this fun, new frosting to your repertoire and expand your skills! It is delicious on a chocolate or s’more cupcake.

6. Pina Colada Fluff

One way to make you feel like you’re on vacation anytime, anywhere, is to indulge in a pina colada. This dessert will take you (and the kids!) to the tropics.

7. Church Window Cookies

Inspired by stained glass in classic cathedrals, these are beautiful cookies that you’ll be happy to share around the holidays or for any special occasion.

8. Magic Marshmallow Crescent Puffs

This is an extra sweet twist on a classic cream puff. These are easy to prepare and a show-stopping dessert to share at your next dinner party.

9. Spring Marshmallow Pops

These pretty pops are an exciting spring or Easter treat for the family. They are a ton of fun to make with the kids and you can get creative with decorations!

10. S’mores Dip

Can’t get enough of campfire flavors? This s’mores dip will let you come back for as much as you want without worrying about a forest fire.

11. No-Bake Rocky Road Squares

If you want something impressive that you can prepare quickly, these no-bake bars are the perfect option. They are sweet, salty, and satisfying.

12. Pistachio Fluff Salad

This recipe only calls for 4 ingredients! It’s a fun pop of color for any potluck and it definitely won’t break the bank.

13. S’mores Pop

Perhaps traditional s’mores are too messy for your taste. With this recipe, you won’t have to worry about it! These pops are all the fun without the cleanup.

14. Frog Eye Salad

A recipe as unique as its name, this is a tropical pasta salad with marshmallow fluff. It might sound unusual, but this was a hit through past decades!

15. S’mores Cheesecake

If you love s’mores as much as I do, you’ll be thrilled to learn how to bring those flavors to life in the form of a cheesecake. It’s a fabulous dish to share.

Did you know that marshmallows were so versatile? They may have had their 15 minutes of fame back in the 50s, but we believe these recipes can bring that popularity back to light.