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20+ Best Party Dip Recipes to Scoop Up for a Crowd

When you have to fill a table for a crowd, dips are an excellent way to enlarge your menu’s flavor profile.

Best Party Dip Recipes

This round-up of dip recipes will ensure there is something for everyone on your guest list. Sweet dips, tangy dips, cheesy hot dips, layered dips, you name it, we have it!

1. Pumpkin Fluff Dip

This fun, sweet dip is perfect to serve with graham crackers, vanilla wafers, or even fresh fruit as a treat. With only 4 ingredients and 5 minutes, it’s quick and easy to make!

2. Spinach Dip

Hot and cheesy, this spinach dip recipe is the perfect party snack. Served with bread, crackers, or vegetables, it’s savory and delicious!

3.Caramel Apple Dip

Just 4 ingredients and the classic flavors of Fall! This caramel dip is the perfect sweet with a toffee crunch topping for your favorite sliced apples!

4. 5-Minute Million Dollar Dip

Savory with bits of crunch and fresh green onion, this addictive dip is great for parties or snack time. With only 5 ingredients and 5 minutes, you’ll be snacking the night away!

5. 7-Layer Dip

Savory and fresh tasting, this classic dip is a favorite at parties. Each layer makes a beautiful presentation and is packed with flavor!

6. Best Ever Guacamole

Sometimes nothing but authentic guac will do. This guacamole recipe from Downshiftology is just that!

7. Mexican 7-Layer Dip

Here’s another beautiful 7-layer dip recipe to add to your collection. This dip checks all the boxes for authentic Tex-Mex taste!

8. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Perfect for game day, this dip is great for when you’re craving something with a little heat. Heartier than most, it’s sure to become your go-to dip recipe, and best of all, your slow cooker does the cooking for you!

9. Best Taco Dip

It’s Taco Tuesday in dip form! This taco dip has all the flavors of your favorite taco to enjoy with tortilla chips!

10. Caramelized Onion Dip

Creamy and full of flavor, this caramelized onion dip is so good! Carmelized onions are mixed into a dip base for a delicious snack.

11. Pizza Dip

Craving pizza but don’t have time to make the dough? Try this delicious pizza dip from The Cozy Cook instead!

12. Corn Salsa

This corn salsa recipe is super versatile and can be put on anything. Enjoy it with tacos, sprinkled on salads, or as a dip for chips!

13. Tzatziki

Classic Tzatziki is a creamy refreshing dip that goes well with so many things. As a dip, its light and bright lemony cucumber flavor is the best!

14. Dill Dip

Classic dill dip is one of the most popular dips to serve at parties. Creamy with a hint of pickle flavor, it goes well with veggies and crackers alike!

15. Creamy Whipped Feta Dip

Salty and tangy, this creamy whipped feta dip is perfect when served with pita, veggies, and crackers. For the taste of the Mediterranean, be sure to include this one at your appetizer table!

16. Beet Hummus

A gorgeous, vibrantly-colored dip, this Beet Hummus from Waves in the Kitchen is the perfect appetizer to serve to guests. Easy to make, it’s also healthy!

Dips are a great appetizer to serve at gatherings to make sure that there is a flavor for everyone at the table. Whether you need to make one for an upcoming event or simply to have for a snack, we hope this collection of dip recipes inspires you to include more of them in your menu!